vSro files problem

Hello, I have never had such a problem in the private server I played, it was closed for 6 7 months, I re-opened it for 1 week, but when I enter from the bot, the char closes with the complete bot immediately after logging in; I get this error ; [13] [25.5.2] [Unparsable object] [5/20/2021] [0x3018] [439] [22] [vSRO]

And it is doing this on 2 pc. I do not understand a kind of also getting this error;

[14:52:22] There was a problem parsing the spawn packet, please upload Log \ Error.txt to ProjectHax.com

I would be glad if you could help me please…


Which server and where were you when it occurred?

Silkroad Royale, I think 2 mounths


Kimse yokmu beyler ??


he means where the character was ingame when this problemo happeno…

ah ok Hotan

more details
hotan is big
got XY?

You can ignore it if it’s not affecting the ability to buy from NPCs.

It closes as soon as I enter

It closes as soon as I enter bro

The bot crashes?


I am deleting the config files so that I can re-enter

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