ViP charge time

a 100$ vip charge at the beginning of the month
What type of vip will i get
And for how long can i get an insta login benefit?

Gold vip first month rest 2 month is green one

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3month of insta login?
3premium (vip price)


Gold VIP 2 month and silver 1 month…

Also @Yapersia keep in mind that $30 would give you 2 months silver + 1 month premium, makes 3 months insta login for 30% the price. In case you dont need the gold VIP buff.

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are u saying charging 2x 30$ (1time after the other finish) is cheaper than the 100$?
both 6month
but 30$ method is cheaper?

Thank you!

Yes, but not only charging, you also have to spend 300 silk. If you spend them at the beginning of the month, you will be VIP silver for this month and next month. 3. Month you can use Premium Plus. So you pay $30 for 3 months or let’s say $10 per month.

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will i also need pet reviver
soo 100$ would fill 3premium+2pet reviver
instead of grinding gold for pet reviver
ur method is better for none pickpet users
like solo melee attackers or pt any type…
for me i need it for fast kill counts for a range attacker

With $ 100 you can play almost 1 year!

You can recharge 1000 + 100.

VIP only activates when you spend the silks.
The trick is that you spend the silks on the first day. Korea time.
You will be able to play from day 02 to the last day of the month, + 1 month.
Buying PP, you get + 28 days…

300 SIlk = approximately 3 months. :wink: