Very big DC problem

@Ryan we are more who have same problem…

I don’t know what you want me to do. The server stopped responded then disconnected you.

i think it’s not about phbot it’s proxy i tried on sbot with the same proxies either joymax changed something or our proxies has problems

Where are you guys buying proxies from?

I think joymax change something about proxy because im buying different kind of proxy still the same problem and all my proxy are doing fine

Dont think they changed anything, seems you just have unstable proxies

do you use proxy if you use what proxy your using?

I do. But I can’t share. Doesn’t work so well if we’re using the same proxies…

Did anyone fix the problem or found the cause ?

I am having this problem too. I observed the following; If 2 hours are spent during the queue, the connection is lost. However, if you can enter the game before 2 hours in the queue time, you can stay in the game for 2 more hours from the moment of entering the game. But even while in the game, the connection drops after exactly 2 hours. this is probably not about proxies because the connection starts with the queue if the queue gets you in the game before 2 hours, the 2 hour process starts again.

Has to be a server issue as no one reported this a few weeks ago.

Joymax problem lets report

Same problem with connections made without proxy? If there is no problem with the normal connection, Joymax will not solve it.

you need to check if that also happens without Proxy, I had a similar issue in the past and it was because of my DHCP settings on the router, in my case, it was updating every hour making me lose internet for a short second and getting DC

Unless your router decided to give you a different IP address that would not cause any issues.

Yeap true, that was what was happening to me, had to change that settings and the DC issue was gone.
Only mentioned that because they said that it was exactly every 2h, and the issue I had was the same but every 1h

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