Very big DC problem

in the last 2 days i get DC on Login Queue
after i watch more, I realized I was getting DC after 2 hours of waiting in the Queue, + - a few minutes. I checked the settings, it’s not from there
dc problem

Start Delay : min 5000 ms / max 60000 ms ( my 60000 )
Disconnected : 120000 ms
Client starting : Good
Not in game : Good setting !

i have a strong pc, so can be start all in same time, for this reason i was pun small start delay
here is a exemple of a cliend whit problems

[00:17:27] Welcome to phBot v23.8.6
[00:17:27] Updates will be posted at /
[00:17:27] Twitter:
[00:17:27] Facebook:
[00:17:27] Discord:
[00:17:27] Update: Skipping all updates
[00:17:40] Login successful
[00:17:40] You have 127 days left for iSRO/SilkroadR/vSRO/cSRO SilkroadR
[00:17:41] Plugin: xChat v1.1.0 successfully loaded
[00:17:41] Plugin: xControl v1.3.1 successfully loaded
[00:17:41] Plugin: xPluginUpdater v1.1.0 succesfully loaded
[00:17:46] Data load status: 100%
[00:17:46] Connecting to the gateway server [] through
[00:18:46] Socket timeout error
[00:18:46] Connecting to the gateway server [] through
[00:18:48] Connected
[00:18:48] Plugin: Resetting proxy…
[00:18:48] Plugin: Proxy config has been reseted!
[00:18:48] Plugin: Minimizing window now…
[00:18:49] Server capacity [Bellona] [Full]
[00:18:51] Login: Sending login credentials
[00:18:56] Login: Secondary passcode has been entered successfully
[00:18:56] Login Queue: 467/467
[00:19:19] Login Queue: 508/520

[02:18:09] Login Queue: 154/517
[02:18:40] Login Queue: 150/511

when was start this problem i was have phbot version v23.8.7
i was change to v23.8.6 and was same.
now i was chage to v23.8.5 i will try soon to se wat will happne
@Ryan any help?

I just test 23.8.5 problem are same…

i fix all the min setings, are same…

same here it doesn’t continue it stop

It’s probably not the bot if you went back and tried older versions.

v23.8.7 it doesnt continue logging in

Nothing changed.

not in game : 0 minutes is ur problem / it restart ur bot instant cuz its not ingame in ( 0 ) min .

0 = disabled so that would do nothing.

I was check 3 diferent bot version. Thei are same. Moust of them after 2h is stop. Some of them even faster. What can i do @Ryan?:frowning:

yea about 1-2h the bot stop logging in

its most likely a isp problem even i who never has realy big problems with the dc got it now at least 2x/day ( and thats importent also on other games )

@ryan if you are here can you add if “lag detected for X min” = “terminate bot”
to manager or condition
and also “if player hp” “if player mp”

If it’s occurring after several hours it means the server did not respond to the login packet.

I have this problem too i am getting dc a lot in the queue recently i don’t know why

yea queue problem :frowning: hope ryan can fix this disconnect in queue

Not possible if the server is disconnecting you after a random amount of time or your proxy craps out.

in my case is not random…
after 2h of waiting thei are spot login are start again…