Venomgame & MaxiGuard

I couldn’t run phbot. :confused:

Website :

I’ll look into it. Make sure you’re using the testing release.

Edit: Tested and it works fine for me. Use the testing release.

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Cannot buy or sell with phbot

@Ryan please help :confused:

Ryan is constantly changing Opcode on servers using Maxiguard. Unfortunately, Opcode changes after the 2nd npc or irradiation even if we catch and use opcode in the 1st purchase. Capturing opcode is no use either. Do you have a solution suggestion on this subject?

I have not changed anything for it in a long time. You can specify the opcode in the phBot.ini file with MaxiGuard=0x0000 and that will be sent instead of the normal buy opcode.

I tried this. I originally bought it. however, as I said in later shopping, opcode is constantly changing. It gives an error. It cannot be bought / sold with Phbot. she is

Ryan, I sent you a link about the subject, did you have the opportunity to review it?

I have the same error… What i do @Ryan?

Nothing. Certain servers change the trade buy packets so you can’t use the bot to buy the items.

is there anything you can do?, Ryan

I’m not going to do anything. You can reverse engineer it and implement it in a Python plugin.

Ryan, ı don’t know python Plugin can you make for us? please.

No. It’s not something I can do in 15 minutes.

ı don’t understand what is the opcode? ı open phbot.ini but ı can’t see opcode , Ryan