Various Requests

Before I start I want to say I understand some of what I am suggesting here is likely not easy or reasonably feasible but I want to throw out the requests and info anyways. May update later.

1: Providing stubs for the phBot module allowing autocomplete in intellisense/jedi/etc

2: Including the module pip in the embedded python version. Which even through you don’t provide access to the interpreter it could still be called inside plugin script.

Using pip to manage dependencies as for a regular Python installation is not supported with this distribution, though with some care it may be possible to include and use pip for automatic updates.

Bolded part Which seems likely right up your alley.

An option to disable/enable movement (not buffs/attacks/etc) actions.

Not exactly high priority but working on my own unstuck script and it takes a time for the bot stop/startup (not much but it adds up, especially if you’re in an area that you can get stuck in very easily.

Ability to disable/enable conditions.

Added that one.


The ability to profile the bot actions. Format pending however you have wrote things on your end but would hopefully look something like

Timestamp -> Action attempted -> Time taken -> Retry count

This one would be the most helpful out of anything I’ve requested so far.

Qt Signal and Slot support for QtBind

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Auto-set training area radius for polygon training areas.

Seems I have to fiddle to find a sweet spot for that radius to work. Usually ~455 works but not always.

Exp Ratio condition


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For the Manager can the character name be included in the POST’d info? It would resolve an edge case where not every account has a single character and tracking data over time could mix the two.

Also a “Stop attempting requests for X seconds if a post fails.” would be nice but not necessarily important.

Yes, that should have been there in the first place.

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Exp Ratio condition

Can you make exp ratio go both ways? When a exp scrolls/prem time is active have that ratio included as well?

In case there’s something already there that I’m missing my goal is: I’m looking to stop taxi’ing my alts and go farm whenever my prem time is active.

You want me to calculate the ratio based on EXP scrolls being active? So if you have 50% ratio from the server but a 100% scroll active it’d be back to 100%?

  • removed for silliness -

showing positive exp ratio would still be nice though.

An explicit way to disable all party settings without deleting the settings. Changing them for one-off stuff gets tedious.

When tracing instead of disabling it allow the “stop bot” button to stop the tracing. Maybe even have it update the label from “stop bot” to “stop tracing” as well.

Hey Ryan,

I have been trying to use the polygon in order to farm event in Bandit.

Every single atacker of mine logged in with a clean config and I sat the atack skills and drew the polygon(s) around the columns. I have noticed that the training area needs to be in accordance to the area of the polygon in order to work somewhat properly. I later noticed that it would make more sense to let the bot use the polygon’s area as patrol perimeter and tried to somehow disable the radius of the circle. I sat the character " - " in radius and the polygon finally started working properly without any delays between atacks. The problem is that when the char gets disconnected and connected, the character gets converted to " 0 " and the bot does not atack at all. There is obviously an iteration that converts anything else than the combinations of [0-9] to 0. @JustLeft’s 455 seems to be working good now.