Using horse at the beginning of town scripts

After the 23.6.5 update it’s using a horse everytime it starts the town script, even if it’s not in the script (just in the inventory).

This causes the bot to not use teleports, as it’s “mounted” and you can’t teleport mounted.

vSro 1.188 (Silkroad Latino)

Where are you exactly?

Respawn point of donwhang

I’ve changed it so it won’t use it in towns.

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@lucius go:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\phBot Testing\Town
open the townscript and paste this AFTER the 2nd waypoint :

or if you wanna despawn it just put : terminate,horse at the end just before the DoScript
also if you are interisted in guildstorage usage or faster towncripts you can use them:
Town-scripts with Guild storage for all <3 / Faster Town-scripts <3 / walk ROC.MT via HT (ignore Samakant) <3

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