Username login

hello, i have 2 questions please,
1-why i cannot use username “Mobinil” to login into the bot ?
should i change the username and password every time i renew the bot from all accounts?
2- i want to learn how to use MANAGER, any good advise and how to start ?
sorry one more question :slight_smile:
how to save login username and password,
i mean i want to open the bot and automatically start the game without typing the information every time ? thanks

  1. The forum and bot are separate. It does not change if you extend time on the same email.
  2. Open it and add your accounts.

1- but if the time ended before i renew it will change ?
2- easy to say :slight_smile: , but i’ll try my best.

No. It never changes if you add time to the same email. You can do this at any time.

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