User authentication?

title: user authentication
content: Identity verification failed Check your internet settings

After the last update, I get this error when I start accounts from the manager.
Is there any solution?

What server is this for?

isro Philotes

I have the same issue at the same server, iSRO Philiotes
Every few hours I get the same error… [ Authentication Error… Fix your Internet ] been getting for a few days now

Have you tried the one in the testing channel on discord?

I’m trying, thank you :slight_smile:

The bot version I use 27.7.6
I continue to experience the same problem. I wonder what causes this problem?

It has to be a connection issue. If you were able to open the bot then you should have no problems afterwards unless your connection had problems.

Same here… can’t do anything

UPDATE: Some instances takes several seconds to auth, some others sends this error msg

It’s fixed.

I will try again but I had the same error all day yesterday.
3 5 char game gives error check your internet connection for 3.5 char. All chars are on the same isro server

Where can I access this discord channel?

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thnx :wink: