Update Manager please

The Manager is not reopening the bot when it takes DC, I am forced to close and reopen the Manager.

Yes, there is such a problem, sometimes it enters other servers and sometimes it does not start at all. This problem usually occurs when the character is spammed. Sometimes my characters that don’t use proxies don’t enter while those that use proxy do. You can try to set a proxy.

The server I play is forbidden to use a proxy, unfortunately I can’t use it.
The problem is really in the Manager, it’s not just me complaining, a lot of people talk about it to me, my friends and people close to the game.

Can you help?
Manager does not reopen at all.
When I’m going to reopen the Manager, even the accounts sometimes deactivate to relogin too.
Above are the screenshots showing my settings.

Make sure check for bot updates is turned off.

Mine was turned on, so the phbot could always update.
Disabled as requested.
I’ll wait to see if you continue with the error.
Anything I come back here on this post.
Thanks again for your support and help.

You should open the bot without manager to update.

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Before I did this, after I saw that the Manager has the option to update the phbot, it was good while it lasted, until this Manager bug appeared.
Better to leave it inactive to update the phbot through the Manager.
I believe, that may be happening to other players.

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