Unwanted reset

after ur last phtest update
bot stopped delivering quests
at palmyra
this 2x
thirst for blood
scrap metal

even after clearing quests & re-enable + set to return…
it return’s … but wont deliver/re-take…

after updating the bot
i manually downloaded this & extracted it…

Is it saying anything about not being able to create a script?


also my noob char at alex hunter side…
bot running
and its stuck
but no msg of not able to walk or stuck

For that you need to be on 25.0.9.

& the mirror quest exchange thing?

need an account?

25.0.9 fixes the not attacking at certain areas. If the quest is still occurring on that version then I’ll need an account.

i’ll test right now…

ya working fine now
didnt return at first
till i RESET all quests
then re-enabled both quests & re-return them when finished…
they delivered & re-taked

i’ll give a feedback incase its a 1time thing or something…

thx for your efforts…

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i think that quest delivering was a one time thing
or once the bot closed/reopened by manager … settings were changed
but i just came & checked my PC
and quests are finished and bot still at spot hunting…

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want an account to check?

Yes and configs.

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