Unknown login error [42]


I get this error. I’m trying to log in with VPS. Actually it worked when I first installed it, but later it started giving this error. I deleted it again, installed it but the problem was not solved. What do you think is the problem?

You have to start the client so the HWID can be sent.

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probably your ip has been blocked from gamegami so you could restart your wifi to connect again correctly but this is not real solution, i mean that will happen again in a hour. They are blocking vps and proxies because of gold bots.

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Evet, galiba sorumun cevabı bu. Teşekkür ederim. @worldgs

@Ryan maalesef bu çözüm olmuyor. @worldgs dediği doğru. Ben şimdi oyunun destek kısmına yazdım. Umarım çözüm üretirler.

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