Unknown login error [27

Heu, after this new update today I have error… How to fix it?

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I glad to see i am not the only person with this issue. Hopefully it can be resolved easily

I’m not sure what’s causing this but it might be a Joymax problem. I was able to login with the client one time without the bot and now I can’t use either. I looked at the packets and they are the same as the client.

Santa avatars will be fixed next update so just take them off and put them in storage for now.

Also there is a problem characters are getting disconnected while on traffic. Bot is not reconnecting back

This should fix Santa dresses and retry login when error 27 occurs. I can’t login at all to test.


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Time to shutdown computers.There’s no way to login. :v

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Rip my 2 good botting days

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So after using your link i stopped getting the Login error[27].
I guess i just need to wait? I am not sure if they removed the queue or if it’s doing something wrong.

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You stopped getting that message because I added that text for it. I believe it is a problem on Joymax’s end because I can’t even login without the bot.

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Hard but goes

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ZAKALIUKAS. I have the same error 27 and I can’t get into the game all day

I mean for now, i just uninstalled the bot :smiley: and doing stuff the old way. Will get the bot back after this gets resolved :smile:

All is resolved now :+1:

The reason for this problem is that 5 to 6 characters over 1 ip are in the game.

for me workent.