Unknown Login Error [0]

Hey Guys,

i’m using the Bot for the first Time now and i’m having a pesky problem with the Bot.

Everytime the bot trys to login i’m getting “Unknown Login Error [0]”. After like 30 - 40 trys it somehow succeeds to connect.

I’m using the Manager to login 2 Characters. However the Problem persists even if i try to login 1 Character with the Bot.

Newest Testing Build.

It seems to work with the Stable Version but it is missing some Features from the Testing Version (e.g. Collision Detection)

Playing on Arctus Online (http://arctus.online)

Anyone of you Guys have the same Problem and can help me with this?


ELectus,new server athens…have the same problem…admin…pls…

Arctus should work if you login using the client. Electus will work if you update.


Sure. I can log in using the Client. But i still can’t login with the Bot then.

What do you mean? Click the “launch client” button in the bot and the client will start.

Oh sorry i misunderstood you.
I can’t login even with the launch Client Option. Nothing happens when i try to login.

You could try this. I did make some changes for that server.


It seems to work now. Thank you. Will inform you if anything changes.
Will this fix affect me when i update the Bot if there’s a new Update?

The next update will contain that fix.

Allright. Perfect. Thank you very much. Nice support!

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It seems the Problem persists for my Friend. He tried to login with Client. But after putting in his Login by Hand, it does nothing. Same is happening with Auto Login.

Try logging in a second time.

Seems to work after a PC restart.

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After some Tests i can say it works flawless if i use Clientless Login. It does not work however if i try to connect with Client.
It’s not the End of the World. Just wanted to inform you so maybe you can fix it later on.

Easy fix.

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