Unknown Input Error [12] (Bilinmeyen Giriş Hatası 12)

My account in the bottle after eating DC, re-entering such an error encounters. Does not open every 30 seconds and tries to enter an unknown input error [12] … What is the solution?

TR: Bottaki hesabım DC yedikten sonra, tekrar girerken böyle bir hata ile karşılaşıyor… Açılmıyor sürekli 30 saniyede bir deniyor ve bilinmeyen giriş hatası [12] veriyor… Çözümü nedir ?

If this occurs while logging into a server, you must use the client to login on that server because there is a HWID limit.

How am I gonna do that? How do I do this ?

Click “Launch” and login that way.

It is not … Bot can’t log in again after eating DC. The game is not logged in after receiving Bot DC again

Ryan, I’m start client , but I get the unknown (12) error even though I sometimes launch it. Is there another solution to this? I think it’s a common mistake of servers with Maxiguard protection.
120.victoriasro.com 130.victoriasro.com
I get this error on these servers.

That’s the HWID limit. You must use the client to login.

I use the client, but sometimes some of the chars are logged in, and the client stays with unknown error 12 on login.


Ryan is still failing. Is there a different solution?

I’d have to see when it’s being sent. It could be logging in before the HWID packet is sent.

So what exactly do you want from me. To solve the problem?

Ryan, I’ve already given you a link before. If you have time, can you test?



Yep I will

Exactly what I suspected. I will add an extra 5s delay before logging in for MaxiGuard.

Make sure this works for you then I’ll release it: MEGA

I’m trying now.

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The delay is normally 2s and now it’s 8s for MaxiGuard. It might not be enough so let me know.

Thx, I’ll report if there is a problem.

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It’s already out. Download the latest testing version.