Unexpected disconnection

Good morning everyone I come to report the next problem.

Last three days I’ve been trying to connect my pt 8/8 to the ISRO Rhea server.
But when I connect my account # 6 two of them are automatically disconnected, so I don’t know what I can do to solve this that didn’t happen to me before.

I already reinstalled the phbot completely and it was not possible to fix the problem.

Any suggestion?

That could be the server. You’d want to try a proxy on the last 2 accounts to see if they’re disconnecting you based on IP.

Today I tried all day connecting my accounts with bot stable and testing.
I noticed that I got disconnection in 2 accounts when login queue reached 70 ~ 80 (from the other two accounts).

the servers are very full and they are disconnecting people after 1h online

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