Unable to start bot Testing Release 21.8.9

phBot_4_14_2019-2-27-28.mdmp (368.8 KB)
phBot_4_14_2019-2-29-8.mdmp (387.6 KB)

After using the latest testing version I am getting crashes. These crashes persist when trying to use a different testing version.

Launching client seems to try to spawn multiple silkroads. One usually just hangs on the initial loading pop-up. Loading into the game seems to work though but once the bot is started it crashses after a second.

It looks like it has something to do with the hotan.txt file but I’m not sure.

phBot_4_14_2019-2-30-48.mdmp (355.8 KB)
One more for good measure.

just revert to 21.8.7 and wait for the fix i think, i have same problem

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Still something weird with Python. I think I fixed it though.

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