Ubuntu 20.04 VPS clientless login error private server

Hello all,

i was running my phbot via phbot Manager on a Ubuntu 20.04 VPS.
After running the following script:

wget -q https://cdn.projecthax.com/ubuntu && bash ubuntu

source: https://forum.projecthax.com/t/ubuntu/29

and downloading msvcr120.dll, msvcp120.dll and vcomp120.dll the bot could successfully started via command:
wine /home/phBot/Desktop/testing/phBot.exe

After configuring the phBot for the private server KEPOS, i get following error:

[12:30:42] Welcome to phBot v25.9.0
[12:30:42] Updates will be posted at ProjectHax.com / phBot.org
[12:30:42] Twitter: twitter.com/projecthax
[12:30:42] Facebook: facebook.com/projecthax
[12:30:42] Discord: https://discord.com/invite/e97chmQ
[12:30:45] Login successful
[12:30:45] You have 41 days left for iSRO/SilkroadR/vSRO/cSRO SilkroadR
[12:30:45] Map: Disabling map. Map data not found.
[12:30:52] Data load status: 0%
[12:30:53] Data load status: 10%
[12:30:56] Data load status: 20%
[12:30:56] Data load status: 30%
[12:30:56] Data load status: 40%
[12:30:56] Data load status: 50%
[12:30:56] Data load status: 60%
[12:30:59] Data load status: 70%
[12:30:59] Data load status: 80%
[12:31:00] Data load status: 90%
[12:31:00] Data load status: 100%
[12:31:25] Connecting to the gateway server [kepos.ddns.net:36622]
[12:31:25] Connected
[12:31:25] Server capacity [Kepos] [57.4%]
[12:31:27] Login: Sending login credentials
[12:31:27] Auto Relog: Disconnected before reaching the login screen
[12:31:27] Auto Relog: Starting relog process
[12:31:27] Clientless: Retrying in 15 seconds

I was trying to start the client, but since the VPS has no graphics i run into this error:

The piped the hardware info into this file:
hwinfo.txt (32.5 KB)

I would be very glad, if some of you could help me. Thank you in advance!


You have to start the client since they probably have a HWID. You won’t be able to do that on a Linux VPS.

You could use RemoteBotConnector, but there are two main problems with this option.

First you have to find the open phBot port yourself, because I never successfully find a way around wine’s incompatibility with iphlpapi → GetExtendedTcpTable

and second you do not got an automatic reconnect in order the server goes offline, you should not disconnect yourself with a VPS I guess.

Thx for sharing this tool with me.

@Ryan: yes you are right - they have a HWID limit and i try to bypass it. But i couldn’t find a better solution, than running a VPS.

Is there maybe something better than this? I am thinking about an tool, that catches the outgoing traffic to the game server and manipulates the “HWID”-string - if that makes kind of sense to you guys.

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