Turn off asking for Sro version when I click on phbot.exe

hello ryan, Can I start by selecting the server I play directly from phbot.exe?
I am wasting a lot of important time for me
For example if I’m playing phsro (pvp) when I click on exe, vsro will directly select the server instead of asking files
I can’t use maneger

phBot tnx @Ryan @skipper


create a .bat file in the phbot folder
paste this.
change details.

@ECHO off
start phBot.exe --username your_id --password your_pass --character char_name --server "JOYSRO - Likya" --locale vsro --privateserver likya --relogdc --startbot --white --client

–server “xxx” → the name is shown in the server list in the game
–locale vsro → dont change
–privateserver xxx → name that you wrote in the bot like ss below ↓

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adamsın ahmetim rus bi arkadaş phbot kısayoluna yazarak ayarladı bilmeyende faydalanmış olur

Thankyou Ahmet for different alternative

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