Turkey Sro

Hello guys today started turkey sro but i dont know used phbot this server any one help me ?

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Use the testing release and choose “TRSRO”. See the guide if you want to know how to use it.


any update or chance for english patch ? old silkcfg.dat trick dont work

They removed the English text from the PK2 text files so you will need to either import the old ones or write a little Python script to take the text from iSRO and copy it over to the TRSRO text files.

can i use phbot for isro and tr sro together?
i am using PHBOT stable

Yes but you need to use testing.

for both isro and srotr?
and to just download it and put it in the original phbot folder? so it doest erase all the char info ive already put?

You can use stable on iSRO if you want. You will need separate folders.

well i switched to Testing , the account wont login , they start logging in for 30 secs and DC . and start over… whats the problem?

how can we do it?

Use the testing release and choose “TRSRO” when you open it.


Ryan hi we especially wanted to use Phbot for TR sro because of the lure option but its not working well. bot not leaving the mob. Can you please help for this issue. Maybe we are doing sth wrong?

I’m going to blame that on server lag.