Trsro proxy c10 problem

Hello @Ryan

we are facing c10 problem in trsro. It is impossible to log in the game because c10 problem.
i am using same proxy for 6+ months. i had never get c10 problem before. but i am facing c10 problem for 2 weeks.

i changed my pc dns and proxy dns, i tried every dns but c10 problems still exists.

my proxy is good. i think the problem is phbot’s socks protocol. WHY did i say that ? Because i use same proxy with sbot. Sbot neves gives C10 error and my chars log in the game via proxy. Only phbot gives c10 problem.

we need your advise or solution @Ryan

Sounds like the server is blocking your proxy.

but i can login game with sbot using proxy. what is the difference ? why the server is not blocking my proxy while i am using sbot ?

Why would it stop working randomly after 6 months? Makes no sense.

you are right, i wish i would know. but seriously a lot of player are facing c10 problem. not only me.

why i can login game with sbot using proxy ? this is what’s bothering me.

btw i have 4x proxy. if i start all of them, 4-5 chars log in game, the rest of them never log in. it keeps giving c10 error for hours

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