TRSRO Horse Anormal State Potion, Snow Flake and Phbot Manager Issues

Dears, I have a few questions.

1-) Why I cannot click “Relog again” in Manager? I have the latest version.


2-) Bot is buying anormal state, grass of life and recovery kit potions itself. They are not clicked in “Town” part. It needs to buy only 2ea horse, not others. How can I fiix it?

3-) When snow flake event is completed in So-ok, my char is not putting them into storage and not combining them. All of its options is clicked “storage”.

Thanks guys

1- download the latest manager on FORUM

2- reset town settings and set again.

3- you cannot storage snow flake event items.

1- It was the v2.0.0 but I will delete and re-download, OK.
2- OK
3- We can storage them. I’m not talking about “snow flake”, I meant the items we got after So-Ok which are +430 HP scroll, pandora, scrolls etc. I will reset all my picking filter settings.


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