Trading protection/Auto answer

Hey there,

Is there any solution for afk protections/auto questions.

In the server which i play currently its asking simple math questions like

2+4 etc…

wants only the results as numbers…

You may need to modify it.

Hi there mate, ty for your quick support.

Honestly i’ve seen that but this is a specified answer macro based on character statistics. And i have no idea about which part i have to edit and to replace what instead…

Depends on what they are asking for. Some of the stats are available to you through the API.

Is there any guide about that?

They are asking for the results of math problems like 4+2 or 15+3… answers must be only the results simply like 6 or 18…

All about the API you find here:

And for the rest your have to learn Python

Actually they disabled the phbot in server right now… pissing me off tho.

is there any extra bypass models for servers like that?