Trading Bot for Oldschool RS? (trading for making money)

I m new here and i m only interested at this bot for trading. I want a trade bot for Jangan-DW or DW- Hotan to get more money. is that possible with this bot? and if yes, does anyone have a finished script for that?
I m playing on a new private server

Does anyone can make a trading script for me? i would pay money for that

i made a script now. its everything working exept 1 thing: the bot doesnt attack thiefes. he buys the goods. walks from town to town but he ignores the thiefes. what can i do?

i used this guide

in his video there doesnt appears any thief and he straight runs from town to town. but i get thiefes

Most servers are blocked from buying goods, you’re lucky for that. Can’t you go from city to city without killing npc thieves?