Trade Script not buying goods

This is my first topic here and first time to use PhBot .

Server Name: Pure SRO

Problems happened with me but Solved with other people who are not replying to me in server. :frowning:

1- I need to skip town Script in Trading.

2- I need to buy items from Trader NPC but not working correctly.
I am writing like that ( oldtrade,buy,500,Marble ) but bot telling me wrong star trade.

3- Manager not saving any information and I have to configure it every time.

Please advise
Thanks for your prompt action in advance.

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1 = Training Area > Setting > Skip town script entirely
2 = change it to ( oldtrade,buy,5 ) dont add number or the kind that u are buying

i dunno about 3 :smiley:

For :
1- There is no skip town script in setting
2- I need to buy 500 goods not 5* trade

are u using stable or testing version coz in testing u can skip sec i will show u

and for the goods i dont think u can :smiley:

I am using Stable thats why i don’t have this bottom.
what is the different between stable and testing.

In guild I can do it and some players doing it also but nobody wants to help :slight_smile:

Anyway thank you for your kindness.
What is your advice ,shall i use testing ?

well, i dont know if testing willl works perfectly at ur server, but in most private servers testing is better and it has more functions…

and maybe u can do it with it the buying 500 of specific thing but i am not sure

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@Ryan Please Help.
1 & 2 Need attention
3 Fixed by trial & error method. :rofl:

I am using stable phbot.

yo guys I have a problem with auto trade , whenever i create a script and it goes to buy goods it says ’ Purchasing [Footstall ( good name ) ] [1] and it bug like this ?

You should tell it to buy a specific item in the script command.

How is it possible to make it buy a specific item. Can you please shed more light on that

Specify the item name at the end of the command.

Okay im dont gettin it…
On My Server i just can buy 7 Slots on my Transport.

So i want to tell my bot in the script that he should buy 7 x 400 Goods.
But anyway i try to tell him to Buy a specific good, bot is buying @ Stars
he stops Running cause he cant buy 1* because not enough space on Trans…

So anybody could help me pls with this Problem?