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I need a help :slight_smile: This game name is NF SRO 120 cap Please help me :slight_smile:

Python Hatası: ‘builtin_function_or_method’ object is not subscriptable

The answer is wrong.
That’s the answer. Mehmet:
Only 1 space.

kardesim yolunu bula bildinmi


Herşeyi denedim yine olmadı. Atığın kodlama işe yaramıyor. lütfen yardım et. @Ryan

I haven’t tried everything again. The coding of the waste is not working. please help. @Ryan

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Change the index to 2 and 3.

Edited message by me.

Nope. It’s finding the first two numbers since they are time so you have to increase it to find the next set.

result = int(m[2]) - int(m[3])
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you just saved my day… thank mate! going to try it immediatly

IT WORKED!! AHAHA… thank you so much @Ryan … i wasnt even expecting your answer this fast.

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hello i tried to make
but I could not
upload your import file over the internet
can you share a link to me?

I have that same problem. not even answer. I wonder where I’m doing wrong. Can you help. aks such

Are you using the latest one? It does support sending the job exp.

  1. I am using the add-on.

Can you answer.

Can you give it directly as a file thanx yuu

Could you help.