attack while trace after last update very bad it was perfect before something wrong about it

You can blame @OmaWolle :slight_smile:

No, it works very well. Your settings are probably wrong.

I don’t understand what you’re doing in pursuit, saying it doesn’t work. If you want to shoot video that can prove that trace mode now works much better than before?

my settings didn’t change it’s same … i back to old ver it’s working very good … new ver is very very bad … bot keep stuck and not full trace

why iwill lie?

Try a smaller training radius.

idid 20 25 30 45 … all same problem i back to old and it’s very good

He’s not supposed to follow monsters in range without killing them. That’s how healthy working logic is. You’d understand if you used it on fgw and Temple maps.

idid use it since long time in fact iam in fgw now bot like crazy walk away not fully trace … old ver working good
idon’t understand what’s ur problem ?
itold u old ver working good without any problem so new ver have something wrong ican give ryan char and test it if he need …

It’s a logical error to try to follow the monsters without killing them. Other botlardada follow mode works with this logic. Thanks to Ryan it’s working as it should now, with the latest update :slight_smile:

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“working as it should now”
working as u want ?

@Ryan please fix it like old ver …
or add another trace option for him
please that’s rly rly bad
ican’t keep use old ver becuz ineed new features too

What are you doing that requires it to not kill all the monsters around you?

Yes, it works as it should. Many people were unable to finish fgw temple maps healthily with the old version. Obviously, you’ve never used a boat before. Just saying it’s working is not going to be fixed. If you think you’re running it wrong, take a video and share it. I shared the videos via private message from ryan, and Ryan corrected it. If necessary, a vote can be held.

listen sorry for my english first
we killing all monsters but i trace my friend … old ver bot was trace him 100% do same steps never stuck
now while my friend attack … my bot get stuck alooooooooot trace not work 100%
something wrong with it … iwas think it’s my setting but when i back to old ver it’s working very well

iwon’t take a video idon’t have to show u proof idon’t know what’s wrong was u
why i will lie if it good ?

If you share the Video and there’s a mistake, ryan will fix it. I proved it by sharing video of ryan, and Ryan corrected it.

iwill send him the video tomorrow cuz iget max enter
because of bot ikeep relog trying fix this problem
try test it by ur self please in any server

, I don’t have that problem. There’s probably a problem with the zone you’re using trace mode on. Where you are using the follow-up mod onuda share both I and ryan can make the return by testing.