how do i turn on tracing?

Click refresh then choose the player and click start.

i tried that, not sure i can add a video tho…
i clicked refresh on the bottom, the names came up, then i clicked on the player i want to trace. (the player select option wont let me select it) so i selected it from the list of chars, tried hitting both refreshses, but the start button stays greyed out like the pic above.

Refresh button on the right

Tried both refresh buttons, nothing happened

The player has to be near you otherwise the list will be empty.

the list in the pic is there, but the dropdown on the right is whats not able to use, im standing on top of the players, no one is moving. so everyone is plenty close.





game trace = walk behind it
no game trace = walk on same XY as BOSS


i think the BOT have to be stopped:

(usually screenshots … better … for those with “no engurish” mentality…) xD

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my bot was not stopped :slight_smile: thx so much


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