Trace Error

Hey guys!

Doubt about the “Trace” of the phbot test: I select the character I want to follow and start. So far so good. But, the other character who is taking my character, ends up “clicking” in the sky (to continue straight), that way my character stops following. It only continues if the person who is taking me “clicks” on the floor.
The bot ends up recognizing and follows again. In short: Follow the character when the one that takes “clicks” on the floor. It stops following when the character it takes, “clicks” in the sky.
Do you know what may be going on?
If it’s the bot’s mistake (I think that’s it).

Thanks in advance, everyone.

Not an error, thats how it works. You must click the ground so the tracing char knows where youve moved.

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It would be interesting to continue Trace, even if the character you’re taking clicked in the sky. Thus, the bot has to improve on this requirement.

If you want that functionality you should use the game trace option in the bot.

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Too bad, I’m going to warn friends to always select the ground and not click on the sky.

Anyway, thanks for the info.



When I activate trace mode and “Game trace”, it does not work when the character is with Job.

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