Trace bug in Forgotten World

Hello, I’m having this issue a long time but last days got worst. Now whenever I go to Fgw my trace char stops tracing and goes another direction until it stuck in a wall and it happens nearly 6-7 times in 1 FGW entry. I found that trace char is choosing random training area and goes there. is there any settings or solution to fix this ? Thanks.

The training area follows the char it’s tracing, it’s not random. Do you have a large radius and it’s trying to attack mobs far away?

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trace char is warrior and giving paing buff only, not attacking to mobs. I had radius 30 tried to reduce radius didn’t work. also I deleted the training area so there will be no training area but also didn’t work

can i ask stupid question? what is your “PING” sounds like lag to me

it is 100 ms average. you are right it may cause this problem but i think 80-100 ms is normal

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