Town selling

Hello, I have lvl 60 event chars.
I set them to buy by themselves in normal NPCs hp mp and bolts.
For some reason, they sell the standard hp and mp pots when they go to blacksmith:

[11:27:07] Blacksmith: Selecting NPC

[11:27:09] Blacksmith: Entering NPC

[11:27:10] Blacksmith: Repairing items

[11:27:12] Sell: Selling [Standard Issue Bolt]

[11:27:13] Sell: Selling [Standard Issue MP Recovery Potion (SP)]

[11:27:14] Sell: Selling [Standard Issue HP Recovery Potion (SP)]

[11:27:15] Sell: Selling [Santa Hat (F)]

[11:27:16] Sell: Selling [Rudolph]

how can I avoid this issue?

Why would you want to avoid this? It sells them so it can go to the free NPC and get a fresh stack of free stuff.

No point in buying the normal things when you can get everything free while below lvl 70.

The reason could be:

  1. He buy bigger potion then he get from npc
  2. He buy more then he get from npc

Check your Pick Filter Settings if its set to “Sell”

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