Town-scripts with Guild storage for all <3 / Faster Town-scripts <3 / walk ROC.MT via HT (ignore Samakant) <3

Just replace them and have fun
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\phBot Testing\Town

Jangan.txt (574 Bytes) v1.0.0
Donwhang.txt (383 Bytes) v1.0.0
Hotan.txt (752 Bytes) v1.0.0
Samarkand.txt (333 Bytes) v1.0.1
Constantinople.txt (1.2 KB) v1.0.1
Alexandria Trader Hunter.txt (903 Bytes) v1.0.0
Alexandria Thief Area.txt (862 Bytes) v1.0.0

to save some time inside town

Jangan.txt (339 Bytes) v1.0.0
Donwhang.txt (229 Bytes) v1.0.0
Hotan.txt (205 Bytes) v1.0.0
Samarkand.txt (269 Bytes) v1.0.0
Constantinople.txt (305 Bytes) v1.0.1
Alexandria Trader Hunter.txt (611 Bytes) v1.0.1
Alexandria Thief Area.txt (780 Bytes) v1.0.1

WARNING the townscript will change on ALL chars on ALL servers!

if u get any problems just send a post :hugs:
you can check ur script version with a editor on vers 1.0.1 and later i will paste a comment in there for you

to counter the guild storage bug you can use this ;D


tnx @Chefkoch

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what do those roads do

this replace ur default townscript so shopping will be a bit faster becurse of better waypoints (reduced walktime , and the npc click range) also the top post is with guild storrige if u wanna do something with GS otherwise the bot will not use GS

Thank you :relaxed:

added walk from ht to roc mt without using sama for 90 cap servers

changed const townscript endpoint becurse the default endpoint will couse stuck in the teleporter wall for many servers v23.8.1 and later are needed

Set Fast hotan script you shared and my bot non stop doing same script over and over again. how do i fix this problem ? i am in SilkroadTR

Also i wonder why bot not using only Pledge of Love Event we are on.
Instead of wasting time for GM gift box and other events in So-Ok

Pledge of Love Event - dont know what this is but when its a event it has nothing to do with the townscript

doing same script over and over again - must be a missconfiguration and again all what you wrote has nothing to do with the townscript

TR. Bunu Town klasörüne at. ilk şehre geldiğinde 3 kez pledge kırdırıyor. event bitince normal scripti tekrar kullanırsın
ENG. Throw this in the Town folder. When he first came to the city, he was pledge 3 times. When the event is over, you will use the normal script again.
Donwhang.txt (623 Bayt)

yok sagol ben anlatamadım galiba So ok da ki 4 görevi yapıyor sırayla ve ben sadece 1 tanesine sahibim 1 ini yapsın istiyorum 10 dk geçiyor so ok ta. çok yavaş

TR : Ben anladım senin dediğini. Botun yaptığı so-ok görevinde pledge diye ayrım yapmadan kontrol ediyor. Yani başka event gelse yine aynı şekilde kontrol yaparak hepsini deniyor. Benim sana yolladığım script te sadece pledge için so-ok a gider. Event bitince normal Dw scriptini yerine koyarsın. Benim çözümüm bu şekilde oldu .

EN : I understood what you said. In the so-ok task that the bot does, it controls it indiscriminately as pledge. So if another event comes, it tries all of them by checking in the same way. The script I sent you just goes so-ok for the pledge. When the event is over, you put the normal Dw script in place. My solution was that way.

Thank’s For Share :blush:

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hey there is al little problem in Alixandrea north he do Blackmist only and dont do Drug store and Gocery he do storge guild and Blackmist in north and going to Alixandrea south to complet script every thin he want there here ! any solution ! 245136173_2974812756106587_5973224695043414668_n.jpg |

i made it so you buy drugs and potions in alex s npc its faster this way


@Chefkoch thanks to thoose script are working 100%.

I search for script to work in bagda guild storage, do you have one?

do you have the script for baghdad?