Town loop

hello Ryan, i been buying token horse and token recovery kits and it was going on very well… since i started to buy normal horses with gold and recovery kits i found it’s not buying them at all!! and the char goes walking to the training area… what would be wrong while i set the bot to buy horse and recovery kits!!

got another problem… i set my warriors to stop luring if the cleric is not in the party and the leader, somehow the last 2 days they continue luring even when these chars are not around and that’s killing them and the whole party members

for warior did you mak condition or you use the lure option ?
this one ==> lure

this one working fine just enable it and add the char

Yup, im enabling it and was working really great if this member is not in it just stopps at the center but for 2 days now it continue luring even if the char alone in the training are… Dunno if it bugs or what, plus that loop not buying horse and recovery kits pissing me off

to be honest with you warrior and lure and puff working very perfect, i think you have a problem in your setting.

Dunno, but nothing in the setting have changed and guess what? My cleric is working fine now but warrior buggs xD

you open your chars in Egypt right ?

Akid y3m omal fl hend :joy:

La ya rayes el klam da noway ykon s7, el ping wl net 3ndy stable gdan malo4 ay ta2sir 3l game…

This is an english only forum but back to your problem. If you are below lvl 70 and wtb stuff for gold instead of token, then you need to edit your town script located in the Town folder, you need to add a way to the stabile and add the DoStable command. To edit it you can load it like a normal script and edit it or create a new one but then please don’t forget the DoScript command at the end of the script :wink:

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Yes, my chars are training in niya sniper since lv65, now they are 68 but when i go over 70 it will normally buy the stable things without editing the script or i still have to edite the town script? Sorry for the other language was having fun :sunglasses::+1:

Take a look into your town folder. There are 2 scripts for each town (where you’re able to buy free pots and stuff). And yes, after lvl 70 it will automaticly use the normal town script instead of the beginner.

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Aite… Then i will wait till lv70, i bought 50 plenty of horses and recovery kits on each chars to use till they get to 70 so i guess im fine, thanks lots :heart::heart_eyes: