Town loop problem

phbot doesn’t do loop. help


I started the bot in town but it’s goes directly to slot. Alex north…

Did you enable “skip the town script entirely”?

hey i have the same problem. only in 1 server it works in others. im sure i dont enable "skip town script "option.

no i did not

Could be you have the continue option on and where you’re starting it.

nope, can you check the server please?

trief it with and without enabling that option doesn’t work for both. also it doesn’t do town script in hotan too

also but not use my script when it going to grinding area

Delete your training areas and recreate them. I think you messed something up.

already tried that one man :S

I got the same problem on a server called Axe Online

I guess its because this:

The refregion looks like this:

regioninfo.txt is more important as that will contain the town areas.

regioninfo.txt (122.5 KB)

Here is the regioninfo.txt

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They’re using the wrong format for that file in Media which means they probably took it out of Data and copy pasted it into Media. It should work in the next version.

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can you post it in here please?

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Works fine, thank you

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is that cause any problem in other servers guys? Now I start bot in another server and bot says;
[10:47:11] Bot started

[10:47:11] Dismounting pet

[10:47:16] Script: Setting training area -12746, -846

[10:47:16] Spawning horse

[10:47:16] Cannot return to town because you are in a town – yo dawg