TOWN auto shopping arrow

City command can not buy more than 50k arrows. Is there a setting? to get more arrow.

It won’t let you set a value that high in the bot?

yes . does not allow.

Is there a solution? for this problem.

That’s odd because there is no limit in the bot so you should be able to set any value you want.
If you’d like to try, you can sign in from the account I sent you. pm before logging in. I can sign out.

I’m able to set high values.


I tried, but it doesn’t work. I’m wondering if there is a limitation about server LA?

There is no limit in the bot even if there is one placed by the server.

thanks for your interest ryan.

i reported similar thing months ago

i could not buy 200k mp hp = 40 inventory slots

which sw are you playing at.