Titan Attack

I’m fighting for titan in slots.
When the titan is spawn,
Boots are not attacking the titan immediately.
therefore I am losing.
Is there a solution for this?
It is very important for us.


Are you using testing? It has a few changes to switch faster.

Yes, i use testing.

Not sure if I can really make it switch any faster. It already checks if a preferred type can be attacked instead while it is attacking a different monster.

Other bots doing , Although phbot is a very good quality bot can’t do that? I like phbot.
I want to continue buying.

It’s hard to test that. All I can do is see if it switches while attacking an existing monster, which it does.

You can try this if you want. I made a couple changes to switch quicker, again.


Thank you for your interest. I will try , I can’t wait to see the results.

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