This might be worth taking a look into

Hi. So creddy online has an alt/second server which has more activity than the OG one. But sbot/3rd party software do not work there as the GM didn’t want goldbots since launch. You can launch the game via phbot and there are no parsing issue but the player doesn’t attack, does not target mobs,etc. It can only do alchemy and stall (same as sbot).

Now, I know a handful of people who’d be more than happy to buy phbot subscription if it actually worked on Creddy Reborn

I know this is a long shot but I thought I’d give it a try.

Probably changed the opcodes around.

Is there any chance that I politely ask you not to update the bot for Creddy Reborn? I am the filter developer and we aim to keep the server bot-less since start. It’s a PVP-server with 500x rates. Goldbotting takes the fun away…