Testing Suggestions v1.1

Hello @Ryan

I will make suggestions for phBot users:

"for the Turkish version of phBot, in the protection section;
Accuracy - > changing to Hit,
Evasion - > changing to Dodging,
Tetik - > change to Trigger,
"Adding Very Cold Ice Flakes, Cold Ice Flakes, Frozen Ice Flakes and 20% balloons to the papers section,
"Adding Strength, Intelligence, Hit, Dodging, Trigger, Very Cold Ice Flakes, Cold Ice Flakes, frozen Ice Flakes, Ignore monster defense, Energy of Life, 20% balloons, Socket stone of Stamina, Concentration and Recovery to the skills section in the attack section,
"Introduction of leaderboard ranking to Monsters (1 2…)
"Titan and unique developed to return to monsters sooner,
"Auto-Select feature fixation (does not work on bSilkroad server) while near Unique)
"Auto Select must be added When Titan is near,
"Use and not use options should be added to the conditions section,
"Customization of the Log section (closure of Exp, Sp, Buff and walking coordinates etc.)


@Ryan Can you add a option to instant prefer to MONSTER PRIORITY.
I will give example such as:
I select Prefer to Uniq but bot is attacking to generals (these mobs attacking you) before attack to uniq.
We need something like that:
If I select prefer to uniq, stop which mob you attacking and select instantly uniq, kill it…

absolutely very important and necessary improvements!

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up please @Ryan

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