Teleportation to Hotan


There seems to be a bug in the teleports to Hotan.
Half the times my accounts teleport to Hotan, they get a disconnect (bot freezes).
Is this a problem with phbot, or is it the game itself?



Any help is welcome, thanks!
I use the stable one, to prevent getting stuff like this basicly ^^

The strange thing is that it happens, as it seems, random.
I do 4 accounts at the same time, no problem.
Then I start all bots, and all of a sudden 1 or more get disconnects.

if you teleport many accs at same time maybe ur craptrap is to slow
in this case there is a new option to use craptrap-server+vm-craptrap its very good

  • vm?
    I have the craptrap and the server, but this should be enough.
    I don’t teleport many at the same time.
    They even dc if I teleport just one now, so that’s not it.

What’s it say in the bot log when you disconnect? Anything about CrapTrap?

i now get error after login [11:14:18] CrapTrap: Could not get a response after 5 attempts

It does now, but when they teleport they totally freeze, so I can’t read anything it says.
The bot just closes.

And at the moment it’s every way of teleportation.
Not only just one town anymore.

same here and nothing works. It was my first time using phbot but i think it will be last

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No info provided so I can’t help you.