Teleport problem!

Alex north- Hotan teleport is not working good !

it’s not working at all

@Ryan Help pls

This teleportscript should teleport to me Hotan but its teleporting to Jangan

Don’t spam the forum when I’m not here. It’s not doing anything.

I need:

  1. Start and end coordinates.
  2. Server (iSRO / private).
  3. Where is it supposed to go?
  1. Start coord: -16121,56,1536 End coord: 113,28,244
  2. private
  3. Script should go Alex to Hotan. But it’s going Alex to Jangan

What is that dimensional gate for?

idk i make script alex(north) to hotan.

Did you add it? I don’t think that teleporter exists besides maybe the job cave. It should add a teleport based on its destination location.

it may be useful to know,

Server: servers
When teleporting from any town to another, script creator recording as this
teleport,Dimensional Gate,Dimensional Gate
and this command works, it can teleport but not to desired town, its teleporting to first town in teleport list.

Command like this doesn’t work on servers,


Script: Walking to 116, 37
Teleport: Failed to find teleporter [Hotan][Donwhang]
Teleport: Are you close enough to the teleporter?

How did u know server :smiley:

I played there and have had same issue, but I couldn’t find a solution

Have to use the old teleport command since there are multiple destinations with the same name.

How can i use old command? I didn’t write manually. I make script…

I have to add it for those teleporters specifically.