Teleport: Failed to find teleporter

Im kinda stuck at this loop:
[09:32:30] Teleport: Failed to find teleporter [Dimensional Gate][Gap of Dimensions]
[09:32:30] Teleport: Are you close enough to the teleporter?
[09:32:31] Returning to town due to teleporting failed

  • i have tried to get as close as i can mutiple times
    The script
    Anubis.txt (5.4 KB)

I don’t think that is supported since it’s only open for a certain amount of time. Server?

-Your right every 2 hours the gates are open(at this server) other servers are like 2-4 times a day

Will there be a fix in future? @Ryan

Do you have an account I can use on the server?

its pvp server u can make any account
and u can enter the temple anytime but the gates appear every 2hours

@Ryan any info about this issue?

I haven’t looked at it.

Okay :eyes:

i have exactly the same problem on my server “Destiny” the teleports to the job uniques rooms dont work i hope @Ryan will fix it