Teleport: Failed to find teleporter

Im kinda stuck at this loop:
[09:32:30] Teleport: Failed to find teleporter [Dimensional Gate][Gap of Dimensions]
[09:32:30] Teleport: Are you close enough to the teleporter?
[09:32:31] Returning to town due to teleporting failed

  • i have tried to get as close as i can mutiple times
    The script
    Anubis.txt (5.4 KB)

I don’t think that is supported since it’s only open for a certain amount of time. Server?

-Your right every 2 hours the gates are open(at this server) other servers are like 2-4 times a day

Will there be a fix in future? @Ryan

Do you have an account I can use on the server?

its pvp server u can make any account
and u can enter the temple anytime but the gates appear every 2hours

@Ryan any info about this issue?

I haven’t looked at it.

Okay :eyes:

i have exactly the same problem on my server “Destiny” the teleports to the job uniques rooms dont work i hope @Ryan will fix it

@Ryan i was doing a script for this and was wondering is every portal has other type of packet DATA
or it has like 12 packets of Data (12 cuz every 2h portal appears)

yes every teleport is defrent and will not be the same … i was working out exactly the same i hope it loops somewhere after 20 teleports or something but until now every teleport is diffrent would be nice if it just loops after like 20 teleports …

i got 10 teleports so far :pensive:

Did you see this?

Perhaps you can mix it with “Arguments Args” and “Select NPC”.
But im not sure if it will help/work