TELEPORT Command Issue with my Plugins

I have the latest Phbot Testing version and iam playing a Private sro called PureSRO

i have asked many players and they are working fine with the plugins and TELEPORT command specifically is working fine

i Always get this Error when trying to TELEPORT from a NPC to Another

((Plugin: Wrong teleport name))

Could any one help me Please??

i have the xNPC plugin, the latest version of xControl Plugin too and iam sure of the NPC Names

Any help please or idea what iam missing to cause this error/problem?

Any Help ?

Yes i have the same issues trying to put
Plugin: Wrong teleport name

I had the same problem, add the message between walk points, example:
chat,party,TP Boat Ticket Seller Salmai,Boat Ticket Seller Rahan

maybe sometimes just add a zig-zag, although xChat does have a bug on it, cos sometimes the " , " makes read the next line as a xChat command, some guy on Discord(official one) modified the script to “allow” the example I gave to you.