Take items first out of gs/s @ryan

@ryan is it posible for u to add a funktion that will make the bot take the items with a settet “take quantity” out of storage/guild storage first and then all the other items otherwise bot will take to much other items and all the needed items gets blocked becurse the ivintory is alredy full

“grap take quantity items first” (only GS and storage)

u mean this i guess

@recepcnbsk the problem is if ur storage is full and the bot have to take all out (in my case all la items ) and things like lucky stones or steady take 1k each on page 4 the the invin will be full befor even reaching page 4 so it will not take the staedy or lucky stones for example i need to make it this way it will always take the quantity items first to make sure i have them in my invin and after that i need to get my la parts till the invin is full

basicly open GS check for items with “take quantity” take 1k stady/lucky > thien take all other items > close GS