Take/give pt at training Only & trace/attack

even when im at town … it sends pt invites
even though i have it on Only at training spot
is t here a section to make a TRACE+ATTACK?

As you can read it says “Only ACCEPT invites…” and not “Only sends”
The invites get always send

And if you would use the search function or the FAQ you also find your answer

cant find it
got a link
i sreached “trace” at plugin section

a plugin isnt needed, its under the players tab on the bot…

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can u edit this to take&give only at spot? & not just take
incase i was at town(hotan)
i dont wanna invite noobs too
into a Lv 135 mobs

and i wont be adding players to list since im always AFK
it will auto take/give who ever in spot
& surelly no low lvl can teleport there to be mistakenly entered the pt

hello @Ryan

can you add an option to
send invite ONLY at training place
maybe between the
invite other… & Only accept…
so i dont have to worry about bot inviting everyone in town when it refill’s
when im AFK for days

& with the possibility of invite range
or “Only who are in range”
so it only invite who are in spot & not who pass by

& the option of "if in spot for [#] ms (max time 9sec maybe)
so it wont invite who pass by “through” our spot

why not using the invite/accept list for that … and all should leave if u are not pt leader

cuz im AFK for days and random players join & leave ?
area im in … not any lvl can come to it
so im safe on this “joined by an opsy & took a spot while im at ONG’s (maybe)”