Switch to clientless 30 sec rules

Hello Dear,

-Is there a way to reduce time(30 sec) or else is it embedded setting?
-What do you think about will there be a solution for HWID soon? Because the feature that makes manager best is clientless login for loser computers :smiley:

Have a nice day.

  1. Yes. There is a command line argument that the Manager uses.
  2. HWID for?
  1. I thought that β€œminute” valid there in command line.
  2. I mean our server was changed to maxiguard now we can’t login with clientless. It appears C12 error. So usefulness of manager now percent 50 :slight_smile:

just use this settings u can set the vaule β€œ10” to anything u want but dont set it to low 10 works good for me

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