hello Ryan, could you add some function which lets the bot force return char to town and dc it if its shared fatigue ends? sometimes the char dcs in the training area and when it gets back in the bot time reset so it dc’s late and then the fatigue could be ended and then never reset again so please think about solution to force the char to dc if the fatigue time ends even if the char just have logged in and doesnt matter the botint time… thanks,


There is an option to return and disconnect every X minutes.

i know and i set it but im talking if the char normally dced and came back in then the X minutes will reset and it doesnt care about the fatigue system time… got me?

so it could be Ryan?!!

Did you not enable the option to stop the bot at 50% or 0% fatigue?

Where is that? Nope, didnt notice…

Press CTRL + F

will do when im home because im at work now and give you the feedback !