[Suggestion] Rogue lure

Would be great if have option that lure with rogue skill

  • Very fast lure
  • Less arrgo to lurer , arrgo focus to cleric or warrior who stay near wiz, all mob same spot, aoe skill wiz high damage to all → fast level up
  • Easy to setup bot lure if have this


Rogue use 1 time fast shot skill to mob, dont need to kill,then change target, use 1 time fast shot to another mod, if enough mob (1,2,3…can be change) , back to center, wait xxxx ms, then do again

You can setup a lure script to cast a skill and it will select a nearby monster.

Bot got a change target script ?

When you use the ‘cast’ command it selects whatever is closest when you get to the coordinate. The radius is uses is 25.