Suggestion mob debuff detection **MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT**

warlock/force suggestion

if its posible to read the mobs debuffs then it would be possible to add something like
"only recast debuff if stat is gone" and
"cast debuffs first if avaleble" to the attack tab
changeSwitch mob after DOT to switch mob after DOT (only general/chamipon)
this would be usefull for :
force chars (30sec cooldown) becurse most of the time bot casts the skill even if the stat is still on the mob and 1 sec later its gone and the cooldown is now 28-29 sec without a stat on a mob
warlock chars becurse the debuff skills have no cooldown on warlock if will be recasting the debuff like 20x even if the stat goes on on the first try and it provents them to do real dmg

for example if i use atk skills:
skill (divisoin)
skill (decay)
skill (stun)
atk skill1
atk skill2

if i have a mob that alreddy has division for example it will only use decay and stun and will skip the division debuff when division is gone if will recast devision if avaleble

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There is a lot of process :o checking mob status in every skill attack will fck bots’ brain or your laptop

wellthis skills usualy hold up 30 sec so if the bot detects the skill on the mob he know that he dont have to check it for the next 30 sec if it was selfcasted
well the bot is also doing it on the same char atleast the detection

since u wont use it for every bot so it’s not that big

for every force char and for every char that has skilled warlock even as secondary so i think its about 25% of all chars

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