Suggestion for phtesting


there is accept party
& accept only at training spot

there is invite party
& NO invite at train spot
(add invite at training spot Only option plz)
so we dont have every time manually add players to bot
or delete players from bot

this option of protect party member
when we have multiple party members attacked by multiple monsters
the but keep switching target and wasting time
specially when the bot is a melee attacker
he switch between few monsters to go and hit
before reaching and hitting
it switch to another
(add option to {attack player “@” targets})
as in
attack the same monster that a certain player is attacking
not being attacked by
as the player i writed his name
or right-click his name at party list
and choose to “assign as target guider”

i mean i know i’ve asked this before
but just incase u are bored and got nothing in hand but sausage

pretty plz :smiley: