[Suggestion] don't forget about item settings on stall tab

hi ryan,

right now the bot forgets about set prices for items that doesn’t exist anymore inside of the inventory.

example: i put an item to my inv. i give it a price of 1m. its getting sold. i refresh the inv page on stall tab and it disappears. i go to my storage, take one other piece of that item, refresh the inv page on stall tab and it forgot about the price that i set before. also the stall/consignment flag got reset.

could you please change this behavior and keep these settings all the time?


Not possible because that item technically does not exist anymore once it is sold. It’s based off the exact item data like quantity and white statistics. You have to set prices on the other tab if you want to constantly stall items like globals.

do you think there is an easy way for you to save/fetch item settings @ stall > inventory in the same way as on stall > filter?

example: i set weapon elixir @ stall > filter to stall (yes) and give it some price. could you make these settings getting used/shown also at the stall > inventory tab and update the filter when i change the settings there?

in other word: i suggest to have stall > filter and stall > inventory using the same data-source and use the stall > inventory tab to handle currently carrying items while the stall > filter tab is to handle all existing items.

just one more hint: please don’t miss to differ between the generic item and enhanced ones (+1, +2…). please don’t update generic item settings @ the filter when changing settings to an enhanced one.

best regards!